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I put up solid damage with a madness spec. People who complain that sorcerers are "easy kills" don't know how to play. It's that simple. Are you going to roll into rated warzones and dominate as a DPS sorcerer? No. But you can do quite well in regular warzones.
My problem isn't with madness's overall damage or nessesarily its force (although it is bad in long fights), its with the fact you can't burst targets on good teams. I have pulled many games against good pvp guilds and when they have a healer up I can't drop anyone. The full madness burst is very predictable and many classes have the ability to remove our dots. Pulling 800k in a voidstar and feeling like you didn't kill a single person isn't fun in the least.

I dislike the hybrid although it is much better than full madness for burst. Honestly lethality sniper is a lot closer to what madness really should be, a dot spec with burst. Sadly all of that spec's burst is loaded into deathfeild and while deathfeild is good only having one hard hitting ability on 20 second cooldown is a little underwhelming against good teams.

Personally after getting used to it, full lightning is my favorite spec by far now in warzones. Although I'm still not sure I would play it in rated over the hybrid (the hybrid still has better force and utility) the Full lightning spec has the burst potential to actually kill targets, it just takes alot of attention to maximize its potential.
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