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01.02.2013 , 03:42 AM | #1
Yesterday I was in Eternity Vault through group finder. The group as a whole was a bit lacking in skill, and throughout the operation tensions were rising as we wiped once on each of the first two bosses and had trouble getting people to the right mobs in the council. After three wipes at Soa, the group finally dissipated. Since we did not complete the operation, there was no daily reward from the group finder.

So, now I have lockouts for the first four bosses of EV. I can still select it in the group finder, and in fact must select it if I want the daily reward. I wouldn't mind going through the entire operation even if I can only get loot from Soa. However, from what I've understood, the entire group would then be put directly to Soa, which might be an unwelcome surprise..

Is it bad form to join the group finder queue with partial lockouts? Am I compelled to sit on the fleet for hours trying to get a group that wants to kill only Soa, or forfeit my chance at the 20 BH comms and 60 Columi comms available from group finder rewards?