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My mercenary in full blackhole gear did 1930 dps on my first HM Writhing Horror kill, as there is a lot of trash and it's easy to skyrocket your numbers on the fight via AOE. A better representation of your dps would be HM Dread Guard, since it is pretty much a single target fight and you can spend the vast majority of your time wrecking em. My Merc used to do about 1400 dps on the Dread Guard fight. When I swapped to Pyro Powertech my first kill had me at 1800 dps. These are rough numbers, but I think they speak for themselves.
only this one speak the truth,
top dmg will depend on boss's skill,
qualified merc/sniper/even sorc will top on hm boss1 fight,
pt/mara will top on boss2,
idk why OP post this thread, go test by urself,
i would say no more.
English is not my first language, still working on it.