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It's true- no combination of abilities will take you from max to zero force in less time than it'll take a marauder to take you from max to zero health.
That has nothing to do with it. The reality is, you almost never have fights that last long enough to deplete your force. No single melee of any number of people is going to drain your force. Either your group or the opposing group will overpower the opponents before your force gets too low. Either you are going to get killed and re-spawn before your force runs low, or you are going to clear out the opponents and have a few seconds to meditate.

The only time force can become an issue is if you are allowed to freecast while defending a node and the opponents keep charging into the fight headlong. If that happens, you are going to end up with ridiculous damage numbers. I've done this now and again especially on Alderaan if you can stand up on the second level of the middle node and they just leave you alone up there. But again, you can stand back for a few seconds and meditate. If they are that oblivious to you, you could also noble sacrifice and heal.