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as people have seen from my takes on this subject i follow kintru and Keyboardninja's views. expecialy on the shadow tank.

i agree there should be a balance. my current setup
(in a moment of weekness i took out all my absorb mods and RE'd them to try and get the schem but did not, so they have been replacced by all defence mods. not correct but not bad since it makes deflection a viable oh **** button)

HP: 25290
DR: 40.25
Defence: 33.89%
Shield (w/ KW): 65.10%
Absorb: 58%

this is entirely campaign, since i have no trouble at all tanking any fight in this entire damn game i decided to pool all my resources to gear out my healing in Dreadguard gear. so my poor shadow gets no dreadguard cause he doesnt need it.

here is my thoughts and feelings from what ive seen, learned, and experienced as a healer and a tank.

A balance is nice, But Mitigation > HP. HP might be usefull in some instances but a competent healer can put out enough HPS for any fight at any time. i play the extreme stacking mitigation to the highest degree so i display proof, if healers can heal me through NiM Stormcaller then there is no reason for any more HP.

when i go Dreadguard i will be going for a more balanced aproach since with the numbers provided by Keyboard ninja, there is a point were HP provides more Mitigation in the form of self healing that would a true mitigation point. and im at that point.

bottom line is;
High mitigation is good and dandy for any fight in this entire game,

A strong balance with good mitigation is great and would most likely be considered "optimal"
(being a Mitigation tank i recognize the balance as being optimal but i prefer sleeping through trash pulls simply because its what i enjoy and it is my playstyle)

High endurance is inexcusable and amateur at best. yes you can make it through current content with high endurance on account that THIS GAME IS VERY EASY and NONE of the encounters are changing. but is in no way shape or form the correct way to go.