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01.01.2013 , 10:16 PM | #59
I'm excited for my recruitment process to come to an end, it's been fun and unlike any other guild I've ever considered joining. Typically, some random guy asks if I will join... I do... and it's disappointing. I feel like that weird kid when I try and say something in guild chat that nobody wants to talk to... Then I quit the guild.

I played up one imperial to 50 and a republic as well without a guild and it's frustrating and a slow grind. A guild makes it more interesting and this guild is one that I went out of my way to join. I made a character on this server... starting fresh just for the chance to join. I'm hopeful they want me in, and happy with the pleasantries everyone has provided.

What I really enjoy is the recruitment process. It's totally unique and a fun twist if you're into Roleplaying, storytelling, and you want a guild that is actually serious and supportive-- head to Pax.