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Ravna walked out with Merena glancing back at Rafeesh. They quickly made their way outside the comms room where they waited for Hadocck to walk out. Merena shot a sly look over to Ravna a twisted smirk on her face. Ravna glared at her blushing a bit. What's that look for?! she hissed trying to not interrupt anyone inside with her and Merena's conversation. Ohhhhh nothing. Merena said rolling her eyes. Ravna smiled slightly. Oh... Okay... Sooo... notice anything interesting when you came to get me?

Hadock shook his head. I do not believe I will need anything for the moment. Now if you do not mind I have to return to my people. Come on Jot. He said motioning the burly chiss to follow him. Right away boss. he said grumbling as he moved from his seat and followed Hadock to the door.

Kregan walked to a seat and sat down motioning Rafeesh to sit down as well. I've been notcing.. a bit do I put this... Attraction between you and Ravna...