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It's less of a crapshoot on republic side until late night. Usually the same people are queuing, mostly healers, and lolsweepers. That's all you need to win.
The last few nights that I've played PvP, Rep side, we had no more than 2 classes that can heal in a single group, though usually only one was heal spec. I think at any given time we were limited to 0-1 healers. Obviously this can be a rather irritating problem for any group. I would use my healer in PvP more often, but the truth is that I suck at heals in PvP. I'm not that great at remaining unnoticed by the other team. I usually get creamed really quickly.

But as I said in a previous post, I find myself getting really bored with PvP on the Imp side. A lot of the time, battles are just too easy. Maybe I'm simply better off withdrawing from any future PvP participation. There are just too many variables that keep it unbalanced and, often times, completely un-enjoyable.