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I am currently looking into guilds that are recruiting on the Republic side of the server The Shadowlands. The guild I had chosen to join does not currently feel like home and I am curious as to what else may be out there.

I am looking for a mature minded guild with a family feel. It does not really matter whether the guild is large or small, but I would like to feel like my thoughts or opinions matter. I am a rather quiet person, but if I feel the need to express my opinion, I will. I am a very open minded person, with plenty of experience in different gaming communities. I have been the leader of guilds, officers of others, and also just a member. I am not looking for a high ranking spot in any guild, just a place to call home and to enjoy my time online.

I enjoy a guild that has an active website, but it's not necessarily a priority. I am not interested in being part of a community that doesn't treat other players with respect and would be a burden to wear the guild tag over my head. I am not a pvp player in any sense of the word, but I would not want to be part of a guild that has players who put down others for their playing abilities.

I will also not be willing to fill out an application to join a guild. This makes me feel uncomfortable. I am more than willing to be a part of an online website community, but please do not ask me to fill out an application to join your guild.

I am PvE minded in my gaming style, but have not experienced a lot of the game itself (flashpoints, operations, majority of datacrons, etc). I am open to trying these things out, but I do not want to be required to take part in these things (I do have raid experience in other games). I am a rather dedicated player, having a few max level characters and working on more. I am simply looking for a guild that will accept me for who I am, be friendly to me and will enhance my gaming experience.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing any responses where I might be a good fit.