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I have one point to make here. Even though I also think the smashmonkeys are OP I think the whole concept that you feel you should be able to stand still in a light armor class and free cast as equally absurd.

As Lighting you have a Stun, Bubble Stun and Knockback with a snare. Use them to your advantage and don't "expect" to free cast in ANY mmo as a light armor class with a melee on you.
Wait...what? I never said anything about "being able to free cast." Please, stop reading into or misrepresenting what I said. What I said was I could not get off casts even with the proper procs because of the lack of survivability due to the LOL Smash Monkeys. Not to mention that everything under the sun can interrupt me regardless if I have Polarity Shift up or not.

Yes, I have a stun, its range is 10 meters (was 30 before all the QQers complained about being stunned at 30 meters.) It has a tremendously long CD. Bubble Stun last 3 seconds and that is NOT enough time to clear an area where a LOLSmash Monkey can Force Leap to be rooting me in place no matter what I do or they through their saber at me that more than likely kills me off because of the horrific damage I received after they Smashed me into the dirt before my bubble went off if it was even up.

Overload is crap now. Since it isn't 360 anymore, I have to be facing the opponent to use it against them. That means, in order to run away, I have to face them, use it, rooting them roughly 15 meters back, turn around, hit force speed and hope I can clear their jump radius. That doesn't happen often and is a rare occasion for me to do so. I normally end up being ROOTED by their Leap and then promptly murdered. This wouldn't be a problem if I could have instant cast on most of the powers without worrying about a proc that allows me to do so. I'd have superior mobility allowing me to actually kite and do something worth while. As it is now, without a hybrid build, kiting with the Sorcerer is next to impossible with a 31 point build and expects to hurt anyone, remain mobile, and survive.

So don't presume to tell me I should "...use them to your advantage and don't "expect" to free cast in ANY mmo as a light armor class with a melee on you." I am intimately aware of my Sorcerer's abilities and weaknesses. This is why I was forced to respec to a hybrid Lightning/Madness.
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