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Dang it I'm not near my computer at the moment! I will bombard this thread with my pre-written stuff soon.

But I would like to make the point that although the arena is "The galaxy" all the action would take place on or over Nar Shaddaa, considering that's where G0-T0 operates.

Also, I would like to petition for the Twin Suns to be in G0-T0s power base. They're no more important than Zaans defilers.
I support this petition! Also, Warren-Stride, I'm counting on you for having good information on G0-T0! This is the battle we must win!

But anyway, as you can see I side with G0-T0. His HK's will be a big factor. After researching Tyber, I found one of his biggest weapons(or at least prominent) were Nightsisters riding rancors. You heard right. The way I see it, HK's could assassinate the Nightsisters riding the rancors, which might spook them, causing them to stampede. That would basically eliminate them from any battle-though they would attack both parties.

Another thing that was mentioned was G0-T0's ability to take control over droids. Now it was powerful, but I don't know about the numbers. Tyber would eventually figure it out, and add more protection(what, I want an even fight).

Now to Zann (to point out weakness)-
He would be stronger in this battle, as his rivals would not exist. This can only help him, but he does have flaws. He gets his technology and weaponry from the black market. This is bad, as G0-T0 has the means to simply go about killing dealers who sell to Zann, or pay them off. Zann used slavery, which is good and bad. Good for business, but if someone-say HK, were to go and cause a riot, he would have to spare troops to put it down. Zann also controled territory, so he would have to leave behind troops to defend. He controled parts of these planets: Ryloth, Hypori, Saleucami, Kamino (formerly), Felucia(formerly).

Alright, more debate will come soon. G0-T0 shall prevail!
Also, would Zann have access to Bossk/IG-88? They were allies at one point, so I was just wondering.
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