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Yo, Zabuza.

It's Saerali from the TOFN scoreboard.
Recent events showed that this record:

Highest single protection in 1 life
2. Saciela(667855)(Juggernaut)(Tomb of Freedon Nadd)

is wrongfully given to a person.
This should not be Saciela, it should be Reidem. Proof is that Reidem is in the ops frame and Saciela isnt. He claimed it today, and tbh i believe him.
Thanks for bringing this to my attention, it is indeed true that Saciela was not in the ops group where the 660k protection in a single life was seen. I have fixed it.

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Total dmg done for me, and dmg taken/death ratio for Vandana
Never thought I'd see you in the damage categories Neb, gees.

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Commando - Alles Hutten Ausser Mutti - Jar'kai Sword

At first this screenshot confused me because of this

I suppose it is a screenshot from an earlier time though.