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I think I might have a similar spec to you.. so let me chime in. I currently spec 0/23/18 which allows me to obtain "Wrath" in the Madness tree and "Forked Lightning" in the Lightning tree.

Generally how I work it is, I spam Force Lightning, because it does more base damage than Lightning strike and also allows for the proc, which makes my Lightning Strike instant AND have +20% damage. Once I get that proc THEN I use the instant "buffed" Lightning Strike. This allows me to stay very mobile in pvp.

Additionally I NEVER hard cast Chain Lightning. The same rule applies. I only use Chain Lightning once I get the instant proc. Lastly, I use Lightning Barrage which allows my affliction dots to trigger doubling the speed of Force Lightning.

If you play a Lightning/Madness Hybrid the trick is to use your procs and synergy with your skills to rotate what you are using. Additionally it's the only spec that has access to instant Whirlwind, snare on knockback AND stun bubble.


Final note, I think this is by FAR the best 1v1 Sorc spec and great for pugging. I think in any rated combat the healing hybrid comes out on top though.
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