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"Don't. You. Dare."

Quit trying to turn Ruth against Wynston, you cur!!
Pretty much this. In most respects, I think Quinn has carried himself with a lot of dignity and has often seemed sympathetic since he re-entered the story, and I am personally quite inclined towards his air of noble tragedy (ahem!), but when he speaks this way about Wynston I honestly despise him. Wynston's actions to help save Ruth, for Ruth's sake rather than any great imperial agenda, constitute the biggest difference between this universe and RMC Prime and I honestly love him for that. In RMC, I was rooting for Ruth and Quinn to have a happy ending. Here, I am rooting for Ruth and Wynston.

It would be nice, though, if Quinn reigned in his poisonous feelings about Wynston, recognised that Ruth was better off with our dear chiss, and just focused on being a decent father to Cole.

I did feel a slight pang for Quinn when he listed off all the ways in which he'd failed Ruth, though. That was sad.