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Hey all,

Commonly in SWTOR. Guards are seen carrying a specific rifle, a chunky rectangular like one with 4 barrels on the stock. I find it to be a very sexy gun which I must get my hands on.

A slight problem is that I am level 17, Twi'lek Trooper and I have no idea where I can specifically get one. I only want to use it for RP terms. Please help! Where can I find one?
Dude, you're a Spec Ops soldier with years of specialized training. Why are you using the same rifle as "Generic Background Trooper No. 7", the guy who dies offscreen before the opening credits?
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Twiki (with or without Dr. Theopolis), Muffet, and Wesley Crusher could form a boy band and do a Buck Rogers/BSG/Trek crossover tour, then crash on a remote asteroid, meet up with Doctoor Zee, and save themselves by making a spaceship out of random Cylon debris... and it would still be less stupid than Jar Jar. referral link!