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So I am a completionist, add to that, that the lore of star wars and especially the old republic era I adore and that even in MMO'S lore is incredibly important to me (I left though I have a lifetime subscription and probably have more store money than God now when it became obvious they no longer took the lore seriously). So I was disheartened when I was told it was impossible to really complete the codex on each planet. I was told some of the lore objects, characters, races you couldn't see except by going in story areas not your own. Is this correct? If so it needs to be changed..

Baring that has anyone made a list of the number of objects you CAN get on each planet for say the sith warrior (datacrons titles species etc.) so I can know when I have them all? I don't want to know HOW to get them as finding them is part of the fun, but I don't want to be looking for something I have no hope of finding. More than the stat increases the galactic history has me doing the funny and frustrating jumps for the datacrons...