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Not full responsibility, but some. I get what you're saying though. I hope I didn't offend. I'm afraid the Jedi's devaluation of family is one of my sore spots. I also have a lot of sympathy for teenagers who have made really bad decisions that spiral out of their control, so the Sindris pull my heartstrings probably more often than they should.
No offense taken at all. The Jedi stance on attachment in general and familial ties in particular is certainly problematic, and I completely sympathise it being a contentious issue. While I can understand and even, to limited extent, support the guiding ideal of fostering a sense of dispassionate care for sentient life as a whole (there's got to be a simpler way to translate "humanity" to a species-agnostic context ) as opposed to any particular subset thereof, I think the Order's particular application of that philosophy sucks like an Electrolux. It's that tension between ideology and practice that I keep coming back to, and that provides the driving force for this poor messed-up family I've created.

Before I start really pontificating ("too late!" yells the peanut gallery), I honestly do greatly appreciate that people care about the character I've put forward. It's gratifying to know I've somehow managed to stumble into evoking an emotional investment

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