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Are you borerd?
Well guys, i made another one, again! Litle bit of Parody:
SWTOR: Pvp: SkyStep Series #1 - The Civil War

If u haven't watch this yet take a peak on it too :
SWTOR: Pvp 1.6: Carnage Marauder - Skyrush

check out my Youtube channel too for futhure videos will try to post atlist 2-3 videos a month,

and yeah Zavvi, Jojel, in 2 videos time u will be in it, i will find a way!

Edit: 22pm CEST 01.09.2013

Another episode is out: SWTOR:
Pvp: SkyStep Series #2 - The Call (Part 1)
and another one will come out very soon.

Edit: 12:28pm CEST 01.12.2013
SWTOR: Pvp: SkyStep Series #3 - The Call (Part 2)
Tomb of Freedon Nadd - The Harbinger
Skyrush (Marauder) / Sky'lash (Mercenary)
Sky'ventress (Sentinel)(Marauder)