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First off, I "was" an avid PvP player on the Republic side. I say was because I can no longer stomach the absolutely terrible players that PvP on there (at least on the Jedi Covenant server). Players there have resigned themselves to one simple fact: If you queue solo for PvP as a Republic player, you are going to lose. It breaks my heart to admit it. To tell you how bad it is over there, let me say that I picked up my weekly PvP quest on Tuesday. By the following Monday, I had won 3/9 matches. And this is playing roughly 3-4 hours of PvP every day for that week. (You should maybe note that all 3 of the matches I won were skirmishes against other pubs).

Now, if I play my Imperial character, I can get wins and on average about 35 kills while not even wearing any PvP gear. What is up with that? (They are the mirrored classes, a Sentinel and Marauder)

Now, what I want to ask is, why? What makes the Imperials SOOO much better than the Pubs? Is it the fact that a staggering number of PvP Imps are Sorcs (tons of heals and shields there)? Is it that they actually utilize stuns in succession to keep players down? Possibly all of the AoE's they drop on top of mission objectives to keep players from accessing them?

Feel free to toss your two cents in. Perhaps even make some of the Pubs wake up to how awful things are.
its the revers on Ebon Hawk, the republic are the better players and the majority of the imp wins are either they have a ballanced pug team or they are premading. most of the republic pug groups seem to be somewhat ballanced due to people rolling a majority of different classes where as the imps seem to be more FOTOM heavy Maras / PT's. while they are heavy on their teams they dont add to the pool in a positive way and they hurt their teams except in HB where they shine brightly.

perhaps the republic players on your server OP are more FOTOM heavy than diverse.
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