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If ya lose a roll , you lose a roll, move on down the road. Sorry but you don't own the roll system everyone has a chance to win an item , that goes for all of you in this thread. You all sound like a bunch of drama queens, all hurt cause you lost a lvl 15-20 gear roll. Get over yourselves. You out level that crap in a day anyways. Some people think they should dictate how others play like they invented mmo's and the roll system, wrong and /fail. Have I lost class specific rolls to ******s? Yes I have , do I report them on the forums and act like a retard ? No.
You, Sir, are a jerk. If you don't want to abide by social contracts then go solo, but don't you dare enter a TEAM and then say "haha, I dnt kare efffff u all lol adsdkngf"

You enter a group, you abide by those social contracts. If you don't want to do that dont sign up for group finder. End of story. hate people like you.