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Wrong, it is not the fastest way regarding what the OP writes.

He speaks about a bosskill in Taral V that takes around 5 minutes to do. Two of my characters got their columni gloves on the first run for example. According to your statement it takes shorter time to get gloves from comm runs then killing a boss that takes 5 minutes, that is not logical at all.

Besides if you get the gloves you can get another piece by using comms so in any way, killing the boss for those that needs can shorten the time to get good gear considerably.

The designflaw to be able to bypass a final boss that drops columni and be forced to beg the team to kill the boss is gamebreaking.
Way to pick and choose one sentence out of my post. If you had quoted the entire post, you would see that I addressed this.
Unsubscribed due to no new Operations.
I am happy that there will be a renewed focus on story, I love story, its why I picked this MMO. But I picked an MMO, not an episodic single player RPG that I have to pay a subscription to receive the episodes.