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Quote: Originally Posted by TonyDragonflame View Post
1. PvE players go reps, PvP players go imps.
2. Faction imbalance: Imps > Reps, and pvp'ers from Imps >>> Reps
3. All hardcore imp pvp'ers reroll into FoTM classes; casual reps do not

This is the reason, why Illum dead forever and never rise again - cuz its giant zergfast with hordes of imps and zero reps.

BW make fatal mistake in 2-side faction concept (there need 3rd faction - Underworld smugglers/bounty hunters for balancing these 2 sides) and so advertised in their media imp side.
3rd faction does nothing nor does it fit into the lore. So sick of seeing this suggestion. Just because a 3rd faction exists doesn't change anything.
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