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01.01.2013 , 09:27 AM | #9
I'm all for some PVE orientated pvp based relics, when it comes to gear and stats normally i go with my 'gut' feeling and when my new jugg hit 50 i decked it out to how i wanted the stats to feel
in full 61, with dread armouring in boots,belt,bracers, gloves and OH, with might 27 hilt my stats sit at (exo stim):
24448 hp, 8067 Armour, 48.76% DR, 29.14% Def, 51.28% Shield, 52.94% Absorb.

Marb aka Strudel (who happens to be a guildy) stuck my stats into a spreadsheet for me, turns out i just need to swap 72 bsorb for 72 def to be sitting just on the sweet spot.

as for relics, I use 1x War Hero Relic of Imperling Serenity, and 1x Dread Guard Relic of Shield Amplification.
and my augs are mainly absorb with shield and def to balance stats. Full dread should see me reach the 27-28k hp pretty easily without losing any mitigation