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LogicLoup - I can't feel bad that Andren gets a kick in the gut at seeing what's happened to Maneera. The Jedi should get that kick in their gut more often - breaking up families has consequences.
The Jedi had their part to play in this chain of events, there's no disputing that, but dropping the whole thing into the Order's lap is, I think, a little too easy. A bunch of scary guys in robes didn't descend on the Sindri household and demand babies in tribute; Jerec and Irialle offered their children up willingly, motivated in no small part by Jerec's fear that his sister's tragedy would repeat itself. (Were she available for comment, Lord Kallei would find this bloody hilarious.) And while yes, the Jedi accepting Zhara and Alendar set the stage for Maneera to run off in a perfect storm of heartbreak and teenaged self-righteousness, her decisions the good, the bad, and the staggeringly ill-advised were entirely her own. Forcing full responsibility on the Jedi, either individually or collectively, robs the other players of their agency, making this about the Order rather than about the Sindris.

Hm. From a certain (much more Jedi-orthodox) point of view, this becomes a cautionary tale about the dangers of letting one's emotions, especially fear and anger, take control. *ponders*

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