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"crap. missclicked. f2p, can't trade"

been hearing that one a lot lately on lowbie flashpoints and heroics.....
I hear that so much lately that I am doubting they really misclicked and just greed-needed. Had one of those recently when doing one with a friend and 2 randoms. At least he wasn't really free (I'm guessing he was preferred and not a subscriber).

A damage in tank stance (making my and my friend's jobs a LOT harder) needed on something my friend was the only one who needed it and he got it. We managed to get him to give the item to my friend, then we proceeded by vote-kicking him.

Ofcourse he also jumped into fights first and refused to listen, so it wasn't just the needing that made us want him gone. It's the only way some people may learn, but doubtful they will.