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Funny that I come to check the records and when I see the protection records I thought: oh damn it, I should have taken a picture of my own record, I beat them all

Then I go to Saciela's record... and Saciela is not just not in the picture... it's actually MY record... 667k protection...and I didn't die so that goes for "single life" too...

Can you update it please? I'm glad someone took the screen shot for me



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I would love to do this, but the picture doesn't show the name, and on page 11 this picture was claimed by Saciela. Of course, this person didn't have proof either, so tbh I'm at a loss what to do here.

::EDIT:: BUT, after a closer look. I don't see a Saciela in the ops frame, yet I do see a Reidem. I'll update it sir
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