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your group's gear level matters a lot too, yours is a very good accomplishment but it also begs the question about the gear level of the rest of the group.
Oh I agree totally.

The rest of the group was geared fairly well IIRC and I probably would have had some issues with either lesser geared or talented players.

Tanking it on my Powertech a guildy Merc healer used to take off all his gear (except maybe belt/bracers) and heal the run.
(He had @ 11k health IIRC)

He originally did it as a joke because my tank is ridiculously easy to heal.

I will admit that I WAS a bit "concerned" the 1st time he did it, but they ended up pulling it off so from then on when ever I tanked a Lost Island HM run he would strip off his gear to heal me.

(made him take off the belt and bracers for Kaon. 9,500 health. he really was/is an amazing healer)

That right there shows me that it is the player not the gear.

Heck, he wasn't really wearing any gear...