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01.01.2013 , 12:22 AM | #11
Love this idea!

But it should have the option of having your ship shot down or locked to planet unless you slice few towers or something. What better extra mission than having to hunt a spare parts to your ship to make it fly again. Or even send companion to do this while u protect your ship.

Id like to take the moment to share my other ship related issues. Why do I have to fly to space every time I want to visit my ship? Id like to stay in spaceport till I desire to warmup the engines and go. Who is the ship captain really? I did not clear anyone to move it to the planet I toke shuttle to! Now would be fun to call companions to move it to another planet. Or if I'm stuck to a diffferent planet than my ship? Why not have a friend or my other character pick me up and give ride?