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12.31.2012 , 10:34 PM | #33
If you are new to tanking and uncertain of your ability, then you shouldn't be running hm fps. Start out with the sm ones. Generally people take things a lot slower and actually want to kill all the mobs for xp. That's where you want to start, then if you are still uncomfortable, pick and chose flashpoints... there are quite a few where it's hard to skip trash.

As far as dps running ahead... just open with a nice "hello everyone... by the way, you pull it, you tank it."

Main thing is, be straight forward and honest with the group... don't run in acting like you know everything if you don't. Tell them "hey, I'm new to tanking, can someone else show me the path and try not to pull?" I've found most of the people to be very accommodating in this game if you give them a chance to be.

The other thing to remember is you are playing a game for your enjoyment, but so is everyone else. The majority of the people I've seen don't enjoy doing the story in flashpoints... for the most part they don't really enjoy doing flashpoints in general, but the bh comms are nice. If you have certain preferences that place you in the minority of players, then find a guild that caters to that.

I enjoy flashpoints with guildies when we try to break things... last night I did LI HM and managed to down sav-rak without him using one smash. Our Vanguard tank specced dps on Dr Lorrick so we could down him before he used 1 kolto tank. That is what I find fun... being able to break the mechanics in a fp or op, the complete opposite of the OP.