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At your level, you'll have limited options. You can purchase mods, hilts, and enhancements from a commendation vendor in the senate market plaza. Those choices you'll have are ones with either a slight edge in willpower over endurance or vice versa. Equip those based on what kind of shadow you plan to level with- more endurance for a tank or more willpower for Damage. In later levels you get more specialized choices(crit, defense, power, etc...)

For the crystal- you will either need to use the GTN or find a friendly player who can build one for you using Artifice.

Also, occasionally, a green double saber (or even a blue or purple)will drop from loot that may have better stats then the moddable orange saber you may have. Use it until you can update your orange weapon with updated mods, enhancements, etc.

Other than that, at level 12, you are still primarily learning how to use your advanced class- and is why most of your options for filling in the sockets on your weapon and other moddable gear is negligible at best. As you gain levels, the differences and options are more pronounced.