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12.31.2012 , 10:06 PM | #13
I don't know what the huge issue is. I attempted these before I got the tier 7 gear and managed to complete new kov ice field and the escort mission... after quite a few attempts. Since updating to tier 7 on all my toons (5 50's) I've only failed one mission and that's because I was focusing on guild chat. The key is moving around constantly and knowing when to use the 4 abilities.

As far as limited rewards... I think it was Saturday night I still had the weekly on 5 toons and 4 had the Regnant Station Assault. I completed all those and when I got up Sunday morning the weekly was back up again. So in ~2 1/2 hours play time I managed to pull 68 bh comms, 170 daily comms and 1360 fleet comms. I didn't trade in the fleet comms yet, but 6 boxes, 50% chance of stabalizers, with an average of 2 per box means I should get 6 molecular stabalizers and 6 synthetic energy matrix.

Doesn't sound like limited rewards to me.