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I'm fed up with this question and have searched all over the internet, but no luck. My problem is i cant find the right lightsaber combo for me. I am a level 12 Shadow Jedi Consular and know the best base stats for me are Willpower and Endurance. I was searching on the GTN but it is very glichy right now and I don't have a very good internet router.
So what I am asking is for someone to tell me what Enhancements I should get or get in the next few levels or so.
The only website that I have found so far that might have this kind of stuff, Google says is dangerous.

And please no anagrams except for GTN please.
Thank you,
If you are talking about the specific Item Mod slot called "Enhancement," none of them have base stats like Willpower, Strength, Aim or Cunning on them. Armorings, Mods, Hilts and Barrels and Augments will have main stats on them, but not Enhancements or Color Crystals.

There's a good lightsaber available for you in the Esseles flashpoint, and you should have received a bag containing off-hands and a double-bladed saber when you chose your advanced class, if you happen to be trying to fill an empty orange from scratch.