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12.31.2012 , 07:35 PM | #1
I have a level 26 Shield Spec vanguard. Obviously I queue as tank in the group finder for Flash Points. But, I'm having trouble tanking. My biggest problem is, I blow through my ammo. About seven seconds in, I'm down to using Hammer shot, as this is the only ability I can. Even with that, I still have a hard time keeping threat. Now, this might be that, I'm only level 26, so I don't have all the abilities yet, or, I just suck. I'm in good gear, keeping up on that. I'm using THIS build. I put my guard on the Healer (I understand there is a pretty large argument going on on who to guard). I usually open with throwing sticky grenade in the middle of the mob, shoot off Hammer Shot while running up, use Harpoon on anyone awhile off, then Explosive surge, after that I just do some random abilities. I really have a hard time on the mobs that are really spread out. I try alternating from target to target, but still loose threat very quickly. Surprisingly enough, I don't have these problems with my Juggernaut. He is about the same level (25), and I can keep threat alot easier. I really want to improve on my Vanguard, as he is really fun to play. I mouse turn, and use a G600 mouse, so I'm not clicking on my ability's. What exactly am I doing wrong? For my Jugg, I have been using THIS guide, and it has helped me tremendously. Is there anything similar for a Vanguard (or power tech in that matter). Also, have I been doing anything wrong? Or am I just not a high enough level to effective with this class? Thanks for any help in advanced.