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12.31.2012 , 06:53 PM | #192
I'll do some legitimate shoutouts but only to those that I've seen make an exceptional play(s). There are plenty of good players out there but people who have Wow'd me recently with a particular play or string of plays include:

Ravinder (Ranked hypergates vs. physics 12/30) Very fast reactions saved a possible wipe for us at mid; a game changing play by avoiding Yoda's pull and death by explosion
Avenn (Ranked huttball vs physics 12/30) Quickly fell behind until she grabbed the ball several times at mid, setting up a quick scoring chain and a win for us. Pulled dirtsquirrel into the fire immediately after is Hydraulic overrides ended, reset the ball and proceeded to basically win us the game.
Somnax / Ambien (Ranked Civil War vs physics 12/30) Made some strategic plays that easily gave us the upper-hand, can't currently mention them.
t-elos/cap/sithy always in right position, very reliable.
Darkyoda (ranked hypergates v us 12/30) made some nice plays as far as disrupting game flow
Kyarra (ranked cw couple days ago) couldn't get a solo kill, made nice evasion plays. one of the top sorc hybrid healers out there
Aluvian - avoided getting shot irl and came back to help us win some ranked games with SMASH

Jackyd (Waking up all of my extended family last night)
plenty more stellar individual plays i've seen, but from top to bottom these are the ones i was wowed by the most. very happy that all of these people are not only great players but really chill friends and make the game much more fun to play. cheers and happy new year