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just wanted to chime in on PT dps, imo its frigging awesome. MOXed TfB hm first boss the other day, mine is only in full rakata, with 1 BH item (ear piece) rest of the raid was full BH. i did 1426 dps by the end of the fight, top DPS was a mara with 1436 dps.

and on the TD discusssion, i dont use it, pointless, i also dont use IM either, flame bust gives me my dot i need, i only use FB, RS, RP, Rshots and my dps in rakata is around 1300-1400. IM is far to high an energy cost to ever warrant me using. and i find putting the points for TD into aim more productive.
IM does a lot more damage than flameburst. It's definitely worth applying to the target, and not just for the dot. Leaving it out of your rotation is a significant loss of damage.

My mercenary in full blackhole gear did 1930 dps on my first HM Writhing Horror kill, as there is a lot of trash and it's easy to skyrocket your numbers on the fight via AOE. A better representation of your dps would be HM Dread Guard, since it is pretty much a single target fight and you can spend the vast majority of your time wrecking em. My Merc used to do about 1400 dps on the Dread Guard fight. When I swapped to Pyro Powertech my first kill had me at 1800 dps. These are rough numbers, but I think they speak for themselves.