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12.31.2012 , 05:52 PM | #13
Did your sin tank do anything to kephess after he received the knockback and breath of the masters debuff while placing the purple circles? If so then it is a ability called no escape which is where he will "leap" to a person on the hate list that isn't close to him and do a small amount of dmg. This happened to my guild all the time as I would be doing any ranged attacks I had as a PT tank while placing circles to try make sure we beat enrage. We had no idea what it was as I would just drop down dead from savage for no reason. Kephess was turned away and everything so wasn't his cone hit. We figured it out when I tried placing the circles as far from him as possible while still hitting and sometimes it would seem as if Kephess teleported to me in less than a second and be back on the other tank after I was insta killed. After a little research and talking through the fight with other tank we found that it was because I was doing dmg to him. Once I stopped doing anything to Kephess after the knockback we never had a problem again.
Hopefully this helps out