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12.31.2012 , 05:51 PM | #10
I agree these missions are extremely difficult. For all you people whom have done them please post a video of it on youtube or something to help us whom are having a difficult time with it. Otherwise in my opinion for the limited rewards they offer for doing these they need to decrease the difficulty of these new space missions. I've grinded against them, the fact that you now have less missles and blaster shots going out per second compared to the grade 6, and warfare pod that doesn't really work that well (I still get targetted when it's active) and the emp pulse never had drained your shields before but now does and with the increased damage we receive in these space missions that is around 250% damage per hit... I don't know but it seems alittle on the excessive side. Hoping that the Dev will put in some grade 8 items soon or something to equal the odds here in the new space missions.