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as i said( i quote myself)

there has been several extremist over the years, naming nihilus proves nothing, exept that ur knoloadge of sith story and traditions is only based on what the games show u.... and no, am not making the sith into saints or martyrs... where did i stated such things?
I won't even try to argue with you because honestly it will lead to nothing. Others have tried too but you have your ideas and we have ours. we gave you reasons but you did nothing to back your ideas up with. by your idea if my father slapped your father in the past you have the right to kill me, my children, my neighbor, my neighbor's neighbor in the present. I have really no idea how is that justified in you view and how that makes you a good guy. Face it Sith= bad, jedi= god in Star Wars Universe and until you bring me valid reasons on why is the other way around I won't argue with you anymore. GOOD reasons and not just "but their ancestors kicked our ancestors buts". GOOD SOLID reasons to back up your claims. We gave you ours.
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