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so where was i wrong then exactly? cos nothing of what u said contradicts anything of what i said... lol?
sorry but who are the jedis to tell other jedis what to do whit their powers? Dark jedis werent killing inocent people, they were experimenting on animals, and trying to reach eternal life.... they tryed to get all jedis to join their cause, when the other refused they left and followed their own path withown interfearing with the republic or the jedi order.... but hey... the "good guys" cant have people doing what they want, everybody who is a force user has to be under their controll, adn follow their ideals.. or they get killed.. right?...

when did the sith were victims? how about .... they werent manipulating life itself back there yet... still the "nice guys" declared war on them....

what about at the end of when their race and civilization was almost exterminated?

even on they were the victims, they did not atacked the jedis, they left the order to do what they wanted to do... yes ok, they started messing with "arcane arts" necromancy and **** after a wile, but still.... they were not slaving populations, killing inocents, taking sapient species as test subjects.....
Do yourself a favor and read those links yourself.

First Great Schism they were both at fault.

You would feel different if you knew what Naga Sadow and the Sith did during the Great Hyperspace War. The Sith were a threat and the majority of the Sith Lords was cut off from The Force by Odan-Urr and the Jedi.

So as long as they don't enslave people, kill people, or use their foul arts on sentient subjects, you're alright with it? Oh goody.

Somebody doesn't understand the Dark Side.
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