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12.31.2012 , 05:21 PM | #3
I played around with min maxing a bit and the best I could easily do was around 15% alacrity. Which actually sounds pretty good. 4.5 tenths of a second off each force lightning. Means I can cast 4 force lightnings and a shock in the same amount or time everyone else can cast 4 force lightnings.

The problem is, alacrity doesn't actually help all that much in PvP as OT pretty much only affects sustained DPS, doesn't really change burst damage all that much. Plus Lightning spec still has long cast times, just because they aren't AS long, doesn't mean it's not still broken. And Madness you don't save a full GCD until you cast 4 force lightnings, so anything less than that you haven't really changed anything at all. And instant cast abilities are not affected at all. Since my madness spec has 8 abilities I use regularly (Shock, Force Lightning, Affliction, Creeping Terror, wrath proc'd Crushing Darkness, Deathfield, self instant heal, and static barrier) and only one of them is affected by alacrity at all in any way.

Force Lightning may be the single biggest contributor to my damage, but choosing between items that have surge, crit, and alacrity I'm going to choose the ones that affect all of my abilities. Well most of them. I'm still waiting to crit on static barrier of force speed.