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should I start here to enumerate all sith in lore and their hidden agenda? I name just 1 that wasn't an emperor, Darth Nihilus. If you have played KotOR 2 you would know what his plans were and he was just 1 on many. When we're talking about sith yes I do generalize, all are evil. There are a lot of flaws in the jedi way but i would take that any day. Stop trying to excuse their murdering rampage and convert them into saints and martyrs.
as i said( i quote myself)

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btw destroying planets; killing billions of innocents and extinguish all life in the galaxy ain't exactly the sith way , its more the Emperator own way... as well as other extremist over curse of history....
there has been several extremist over the years, naming nihilus proves nothing, exept that ur knoloadge of sith story and traditions is only based on what the games show u.... and no, am not making the sith into saints or martyrs... where did i stated such things?

quote myself again:

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even tought i have allways felt "some simpaty" with the jedi, i finally came to the conclusion that i actually indentify myself better with The Dark/Fallen/Exiled Jedis and the "Sith Order".
i haven't even stated anywhere that i disliked/oposited the jedi order as a whole....i do dislike many of their ideals, but i do recognise many other are well tought, and of value.... i am a very open sight person regarding many things and i try to give good facts over what i say....
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