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once again, the emperator plans where those of his own, and little people if any knew of his ultimate goal.... exeptions where Revan, Lord Scroudge both who tryed tod estroy the emperator dident they? and yes u are judging all sith for 1 man wanted, so its the same that judging all germans for what a bunch of naziz did....
should I start here to enumerate all sith in lore and their hidden agenda? I name just 1 that wasn't an emperor, Darth Nihilus. If you have played KotOR 2 you would know what his plans were and he was just 1 on many. When we're talking about sith yes I do generalize, all are evil. There are a lot of flaws in the jedi way but i would take that any day. Stop trying to excuse their murdering rampage and convert them into saints and martyrs.
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