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I hope they don't, not sounding biased because I am a shadowtank. If the Dev's boost the self healing abilities with FiB then harnessed shadows will need a boost. If you are not familar the Dev's nerfed shadow self heals across the board in 1.3. But since the Dev's judged the healing from harnessed shadows as too powerfull, and nerfed it. They did the same when FiB healed more than 2%, they also fixed the bug where FiB healed without hitting anything. Just to bring it in line with all the other shadow self healing abilities.
I have to disagree, kinetic's self healing is not the same as balance. Balance shadows are currently one of if not the squishiest specs in the game, they would hardly become unstoppable if FiB healed for 2% per target (with physic absorption, of course), they would gain a much needed buff to survivability, plus you have to go far into the balance tree to pick this talent up, meaning there is no fear of kinetic/balance hybrids with huge self heals. This is not intentional on Bioware's part, the tooltip clearly states that it heals for 1% per each target struck, yet heals for the same amount no matter how many are struck, making it a bug.
That isn't fear I smell, is it?