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actually the so called "zombies" came after the Jedis began the war, the so called zombies where created in the first place to defend themselfs since they were by far outnumbered by the Jedis. if u read again
u will see that: The first form of Korriban zombies would be created during the earliest stages of the war...

i do recognise that the dark sided group was experimenting with life, but not human or other sapient form of life, other than animals, etc...

on a side note, great to see u agree on The First Great Schism being Jedis own fault....
Umm... no. You're right about the zombies, but you're wrong on everything else.

When it comes to the first Dark Jedi, the Jedi told them to stop. The Dark Jedi continued and the Jedi were forced to take action. To the Jedi, all life is sacred. The Dark Jedi weren't just manipulating life, but the Force itself. They were disrupting the laws of nature and The Force. That's why the Jedi took action. Such things must not be messed with.

Taking the side of the Sith? Really? In what instance have the Sith been the good guys? When have the Sith been the victims?
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