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i'd love to see and "Undercover Boss" episode of SWTOR Dev PvP in RWZ with real players. at the end of the episode, like the garbage show on TV, they'd feel so remorseful and stupid at how little they actually know and understand their own business.
This could be epic. But, it could also work out this way.....

[TV producer]: OK, we're ready to go. You will be an Arsenal Merc, PUGing in normal warzones. Oh, there's a pop - go get 'em!

[ToR developer]: I'm gonna pwn these doods! Haha, I am teamed with a premade and we're in Huttball.

By the end of the match....

[ToR manger]: Look at that! I am the top damage inflicter on my team by 2x! All my other team mates were busy stunning, slowing and pushing enemies while our tanks carried the ball and our healers healed the ball carrier. I just stayed in a corner and shot people full of holes. Lulz, Merc dps is the best, just like I always said it was!

[TV Produce]: Dayum, in all my years filming this program, I've never seen anything like this! Every other time the business manager actually discovers things he was unaware of. Crap, I can't broadcast this. I need a new segment, pronto! Maybe something about the existence of hacks and cheating in game....