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Seeking knowledge has limits. The Jedi who later became the Sith used the Dark Side of the Force to experiment with life. And I bet that's not that pleasent for the test subject. (One might try to justify it if it is for the greater good, like testing medicine or even testing poisons to warn people better. But that wasn't the case. They just wanted to know how much you could manipulate life.) And since we know they created some kinds of zombies, it's safe to assume they used sentients.

So if someone says: "Hey, maybe we could use the dark side to create zombies. Let's try it." I wouldn't be on his side. The Jedi Order tried to forbid it, but they just continued doing it. Only then the Jedi started to use force.

(That's the Second Great Schism, the one that created the Sith. The First Great Schism was more complicated and there the Jedi might have been wrong.)
actually the so called "zombies" came after the Jedis began the war, the so called zombies where created in the first place to defend themselfs since they were by far outnumbered by the Jedis. if u read again
u will see that: The first form of Korriban zombies would be created during the earliest stages of the war...

i do recognise that the dark sided group was experimenting with life, but not human or other sapient form of life, other than animals, etc...

on a side note, great to see u agree on The First Great Schism being Jedis own fault....

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^^ Absolutely. If one deeply considers it, the Jedi are better. They're not the most perfect group ever. Far from it. They have issues. They can be hypocrites. But as a whole they are infinitely more just and less freedom-suppressing then the Sith.
why would u exaclty judge and entire culture on something that was a Single Man idea and plan? hey all germans are Nazis, all "negros" are criminals, all irish are drunks, and norwegians vikings, all arabs are terrorists, all japanize are kamikaze... just saying...
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