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I guess extinguishing all life force in the galaxy is one way of becoming the strongest man in the galaxy. Hell, why try to stop him then, the man only want's superior knowledge.
i guess starting a war and destroying other people because they don't agree with ur thinking/ way of life even if they do not interfere directly with u is ok then? that was what the so called light sided force users did...

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Killing billions of innocents it's not war it's genocide. It doesn't show sigh of strength but of weakness. I don't compare sith with spartans, I compare them with WW2 Nazis.
No dark sided force user, sith, exiled, dark jedi or what ever u want to call them, ever comited genocide over billions of people neither they started a war on the once again so called jedi, light side force users....

EDIT: last line was refering to before and under the Old Republic period (where only The Sith Emperor and Darth Nihilus were exeptions)
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