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Soooo. You agree with the sith way ( destroying planets, killing billions of innocents or trying even to extinguish all life in the galaxy) because their ancestors got their *** kicked by people that didn't have the "higher learning". Rrrrright.
it was the light sided force users the ones that ataked the dark sided force users in the first place, wasent declaring war and open conflict on them just becouse they decided to follow their own path an act of genocide in a way?
btw destroying planets; killing billions of innocents and extinguish all life in the galaxy ain't exactly the sith way , its more the Emperator own way... as well as other extremist over curse of history....

as the sith code dictates:

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me."

in their eyes, it is all about having free will, being strong, obtaining greater knoladge, becoming stronger, and ultimatelly being master of own destiny.....

u can compare the Sith with the Spartans for instance.... Were spartans evil just becouse in their majority they were warriors and in a way loved war? Becouse they believed the Strong should rule over the weak?
"Forged by Fire; Empowered by Passion"