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I believe you Simple! And i believe you because damage charts in this game are retarded. Nebby is freaking out about a discrepancy between damage dealt and total healing, but he isn't incorporating that damage charts in pvp don't account for: Fire damage, acid damage, fall damage, noble sacrifice, or damage dealt to bubbles. So maybe if you were a scoundrel healer or a commando healer and there was a huge difference in the two columns, i would be more skeptical, but if you're bubbling people, people are being grazed by fire, falling off the rafters, running through acid, or you are noble saccing to maintain force, a large difference in damage output to healing output seems completely acceptable.
Thx man. Yeah noble sacrifice is obviously in play and bubble is used in my rotation as much as possible. I legitimately (without environment damage at all) pulled off those numbers. The only thing that was fabricated was the fact that 3 ppl on my team and 2 ppl on the other team spent most of the match beating on each other. The same result could've happened by chance if perhaps a group of ppl camped the other teams spawn point or something like that. We also spent at least 2 or 3 minutes actually helping out the team(for what that's worth). The last minute or so was just us turtling so I got a good number of heals off of that as well. In any case, the conversation is over. I just wanted to say thanks.
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