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Lately i have been researching and reading a lot about both orders, their code, its lore, how they started, prominent figures, etc, etc.... and well.... even tought i have allways felt "some simpaty" with the jedi, i finally came to the conclusion that i actually indentify myself better with The Dark/Fallen/Exiled Jedis and the "Sith Order".

To beging with, something really ironic that changed my point of view, is that it was the light sided force users the ones that comenced hostilities vs those who wished to expand their knoloadge and understanding of the Force and learn its secrets, the dark sided force users. in stead of being the other way around. Notice that am not talking about Jedis and Sith yet, since at the begining of the conflicts none of this orders existed as separate entities, but rather were toguehter in what was known as Je'daii Order, composed of the Ashla and the Bogan ....

I can completly see how those who wished to expand their knoloadge and power felt themselfs represed, subjugated and controlled by the other force users who rejected to embrace greater power from the force, and looked dawn on those who did. Hence why a faction left and decided to follow their own path..... How did the light sided force users reacted to their brothers leaving? War.... says a lot about them.....

i will expand later... feel free to give ur opinions on the topic...

For those who wish to have more information about it, i recomend u the following articles:

EDIT 2: would be good if u read them all, before leaving ur opinion.... so u can actually make a stronger case on what ever ur take on the topic is. thanks
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